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About us

and what we do

Chiropractic Rehabilitation is a family chiropractic centre located in West Ryde which is dedicated to providing healthcare that really makes a difference.

This difference is centred around an innovative 21st century approach to treatment we follow called Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS) is a manual rehabilitative technique based on developmental movement principles. It accesses the deep hard-wired motor programs within us all to stimulate the whole body’s stabilising system and reactivate dormant global motor patterns, which in turn activates the central nervous system connections. These movements mimic the internal postures a child takes when it learns to crawl and upright itself, helping restore the structural and postural alignment of the body’s neuromuscular skeletal system. These global patterns remain essential for subconscious habituated and automated control of posture and stability of the spine. To put it simply, it’s like giving your body’s internal systems a ‘reboot’.

It is this unique approach which allows us to gently treat and soothe a large variety of conditions for your entire body, not just back and neck complaints, and for all your family from pregnancy to newborns, toddlers, kids, teens and the elderly.

Our Team


Peter Geroulas.

Peter graduated from Macquarie University in 1997 with a Masters of Chiropractic and has worked since in a private practice. Peter established Chiropractic Rehabilitation in 2005 after years of working as an Associate Chiropractor and university tutor.