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healthcare that really makes a difference

Welcome to Chiropractic Rehabilitation
in West Ryde

We are a family chiropractic centre dedicated to providing healthcare that really makes a difference. This difference lies in our ability to understand and treat your entire body, not just your back or neck, and then gently apply this treatment to any family member, whether pregnant, young, elderly or anywhere in between.


Peter Geroulas, Principal Chiropractor
“Our aim is to deliver gentle and effective family therapy by focusing on traditional chiropractic methods, such as soft tissue therapy and massage as well as manipulative and non manipulative mobilisation techniques of the spine and peripheral joints. This is then complemented with a strong philosophy of rehabilitation, exercise and posture therapy.”

“He who treats at the site of pain is lost”
Karel Lewit Chezc,
Neurologist and Musculoskeletal specialist for over 50 years.

How do we apply this philosophy?
Over the past 12 years my personal extensive studies in rehabilitation and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation have taught me that the site of pain often does not match the true location or cause of a condition. Not only do we assess the functional ability of our clients, but we seek to identify and address the key ?weak links? which are the true causes of the problem and the reason why some complaints often do not respond to standard therapies.

As a Patient of Chiropractic Rehabilitation West Ryde you can expect:

• a more comprehensive diagnosis
• more time spent on massage and preparation as part of every treatment
• a complete plan for total recovery

The autonomic nervous system
See how your body links together


The vertebral subluxation and nerve chart
See the nerve connections between your body and your spine